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The Case For Purchasing Cannabis At A Dispensary Over A Dealer

Leslie kahn

I know that the medical cannabis supply chain has been severely interrupted during the pandemic. I know that some of you are having a hard time affording your medicine and that you can’t get the strains or products you need. Having said all this, there are still many reasons to continue to purchase your medical cannabis products from your dispensary rather than on the black market. In this article I will list several of them.

Laboratory Testing Protects Patients 

First and foremost, the most important reason to buy from a dispensary is that all the products have been laboratory tested. For those of you living in states with what seems like too many rules and regulations, you should be thankful that the testing is so rigorous. 

Cannabis laboratories test for the following substances:
1. Toxins and poisons
2. Heavy metals
3. Mycotoxins which include yeast, mold, mildew and fungus
4. Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides
5. Solvents which can be residual or not
6. Growth regulators which are not allowed
7. Bacterial pathogens such as listeria, salmonella and e.coli
8. Any other harmful chemical content

Substances Found in Black Market Cannabis

When you purchase from the black market, you have no way of knowing what is in the products you are buying. Many dangerous substances have turned up in black market cannabis. Some of these include:
1. Formaldehyde
2. Fentanyl
3. PCP
4. LSD

If you still don’t believe me, here are some other extremely harmful substances that have been detected in black market cannabis products:
1. Crushed glass which is supposed to fool people into believing that they are the trichomes on cannabis buds
2. Laundry detergent
3. Fuel additives
4. K2 and Spice which typically consist of some type of potpourri covered in amphetamines, heroin and noxious chemicals
5. Vitamin E solvent in vape cartridges which has been attributed to causing several deaths 

Dispensaries Provide Many More Product Options

Your choices of different delivery methods are much greater at your medical cannabis dispensary; flower and shake, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, oils, topicals, vape pens and cartridges, transdermal patches and suppositories and so much more.

When you buy on the black market, you are typically limited to buying bud or possibly shake. You may be able to buy vape cartridges but many black market brands are extremely dangerous and have caused many deaths. Occasionally, you can buy edibles, but in a limited supply. 

By law, dispensaries must display on the label the percentages of the cannabinoid profile and the terpene profile. This is not something you will get on the black market.

Patient Care Specialists Provide Guidance

When you purchase cannabis products from your local dispensary, you have access to the expertise of the staff, especially the patient care specialists who help you choose the best products for your unique medical situation. One of the main criteria for choosing a medical cannabis dispensary should be a high level of expertise by the patient care specialists. They should also be able to give you dosing guidelines, especially helpful if you are new to your cannabis journey.

You can’t count on your black market dealer to give you any information on the products you are buying. Forget about any dosing guidelines.

Supports Your Local and State Economy 

Our medical cannabis programs mandate that the product must be grown in the state in which it is sold. Therefore, you are supporting your state and local economies by purchasing medical cannabis products at your dispensary. The city and state tax revenue goes towards supporting schools, the fire department and law enforcement, parks, libraries and the regulation of cannabis reform laws.

Also, when a medical cannabis dispensary moves into a neighborhood, the entire community benefits from the adjunct stores that open within its vicinity. It actually increases the property values. The presence of dispensaries makes the community safer by having many more people on the streets which depresses criminal activity. Because of the high level of security required by dispensaries, there are security cameras and personnel which deters crime. Dispensaries help to prevent the sale of cannabis products to minors. 

When you buy on the black market, you are probably supporting drug cartels or at the very least, the money is leaving your state. It is definitely not being put back into the local or state economy.

Strengthens the Medical Cannabis Program

Supporting your local medical cannabis dispensary helps strengthen the program and the entire industry. By providing feedback to your dispensary staff, you will be helping to push the cannabis industry to improve the quality of your medicine.

Supports Your Local Environment

Medical cannabis growers are subject to many rules and regulations regarding the substances they can use. This is beneficial for the environment in that harmful chemicals are outlawed. 

If you purchase from the black market, growers do not show concern for the environment and use pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides which are extremely harmful. They end up in local rivers and groundwater.

Keeps You A Law-Abiding Citizen

Arkansas does not have a legal recreational cannabis program. You will risk arrest or a fine if you get caught by your local police with black market cannabis products.

In Arkansas, possession, use, cultivation and transportation of less than 4 ounces of cannabis is a misdemeanor offense. It is punishable by 1 year in jail and $2,500 in fines. Possessing more than 4 ounces is a felony offense. The punishment is up to 6 to 30 years in prison and fines from $10,000 to $15,000.

I hope I have convinced you to support Bloom Medicinals Texarkana!

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