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DabTabs: An Innovative Alternative To Traditional Dab Technology

April 14, 2021 in General Education

Dabbing is becoming increasingly more and more popular in the cannabis industry. It is one of the most effective and potent delivery methods. However, many of the concentrates are messy to use, are not very portable and finding the right dose often requires a lot of trial and error. An Oregon based company called ilo Vapor came up with a solution to this problem by inventing DabTabs. They are measured doses of cannabis concentrates that can be easily heated and dabbed. In this article I will define DabTabs, explain their benefits, how to use them and where you can purchase them. I will also give some background on the company that invented them along with their partner company who created compatible devices.

What are DabTabs?

DabTabs are 50 mg honeycomb-shaped, measured doses of different types of full-spectrum cannabis concentrates. Each dablet is wrapped in a casing made from a natural, mineral-based inert ceramic, that is ready to be heated and dabbed. Just place it flat in the dab rig heat chamber, heat and inhale. It provides about three hits before it turns black, indicating that it has been completely consumed.

All the components of the product are manufactured in the US to NSF 61 standards. This means that they do not contain any lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals. They are carbon neutral and meet the standards required for drinking water and air filtration systems. They are also free of diluents, adulterants and other additives often found in typical cartridge delivery systems.

ilo Vapor partners with extract producers in a selection of markets in order to offer the following products:

  • Live Resin
  • Hash Rosin
  • Distillate and Sauce
  • Shatter
  • Cured Resin
  • Wax Options

Benefits of DabTabs

  • Choice of THC, CBD or a combination of the two
  • Portable, convenient and versatile
  • Dablets turn black when they have been totally consumed and can be thrown away or recycled through a “Go Green” program at participating retail establishments. They can also be reused as a soil additive similar to perlite which is used to aerate the soil. It helps to keep it loose, avoiding compaction and significantly improving  drainage.
  • Mess-free so that it doesn’t get all over your clothing, your dabber or gum up your rig
  • Its inert coating means that until you heat it up, it will not break in your pocket, spill, leak or sweat. If you drop it on the ground in dirt or sand, just brush it off and use. The irritating and wasteful situation of  “carpet dabs” is gone.
  • You can subject it to repeated heating and cooling without noticeable changes in the flavor of the vapor
  • Eliminates the need for a dab rig which consists of a liquid concentrate, dab deck, spike, torch and funnel
  • Works with many different dabbing devices; the flexibility of the product is one of its great selling points and distinguishes it from other dabbing products

Delivery Devices

Halo Labs, an Oregon-based company, co-founded by CEO Kiran Sidhu, has partnered with ilo Vapor to develop customized devices for DabTabs products

  • DabTabs GoAll-In-One is a portable vaporizer designed exclusively for DabTabs which are ASTM C373-18* Certified to hold a specific volume that provides an accurate, vaporizable dose.

*ASTM International develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services.

  • Shatterizer DabTabs Edition Portable Vaporizer was designed exclusively for the consumption of shatter, a full-spectrum concentrate that contains 50-60% THC. It was created to work specifically with DabTabs to create a “true vape” experience. With its accurate temperature control system, the concentrate is brought to its boiling point without burning it. The end result is a cool, clean tasting vapor, rich in terpenes which dramatically reduces throat irritation.

How To Use DabTabs

Cold starting with DabTabs is highly recommended. “Cold start” or “reverse dabbing”  in which you load your concentrate onto a cold nail first and then slowly heat it, is becoming increasingly popular.

  1. Place your DabTab into the heating chamber, ie. a banger, making sure that it is lying flat. You can use more than one DabTab at a time, but they must all be lying flat in relationship to the heat source. This facilitates even and rapid heating.
  2. Cover with a carb cap
  3. Heat your device to the recommended temperature of 450-550°F
  4. Once the vapor appears in the chamber, inhale slowly
  5. Once the DabTab is spent, remove it with tweezers to avoid burns

DabTabs can be found at local dispensaries in the following 11 states; Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington. Plans are in the works to sell their products in more states; Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York. The company is entering the international market by offering hemp-derived, CBD-infused DabTabs in Chile, Germany and Japan.

Company Background

ilo Vapor, a division of Iconic Ventures Inc., was founded in 2016 in Portland, Oregon by Paul T. Amsbury and CEO Michael Lindars. It is a technology, brand and product development company which engineers cutting-edge vaporization technology to create innovative patented and patent-pending products and devices.

Halo Labs was founded in 2015 by Andreas Met, Phillip Van den Berg and CEO Kiran Sidhu in a chicken coop in Medford, Oregon. The property was owned by Met and it seemed like the perfect place to begin experimenting with BHO extraction technology. After successfully distributing their products in Rouge River Valley dispensaries, the founders were able to self-finance a 16,000 sf facility in Medford. This expansion allowed them to supply retailers in eastern Oregon. The company also owned a 4 acre grow site in Evan’s Creek, OR. In August, 2019, Halo Labs announced the formation of their partnership with ilo Vapor.

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