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710 : An Homage To Cannabis Oil

July 1, 2020 in General Education

To all you lovers of oils, concentrates and extracts, waxes and dabs, the newest cannabis holiday is coming up on 710 or July 10. If you take the numbers “710” and turn them upside-down, they spell “OIL,” which refers to cannabis oil. In this article I will explain how the term originated, will discuss extracts and concentrates, how to consume them and describe how the holiday is celebrated or was before the pandemic.

What is The Origin of 710?

The term first appeared in 2010 in the Urban Dictionary. According to Daniel De Sailles, the rapper Taskrok coined “710” in 2011.
De Sailles is the owner of Top Shelf Extracts and founder of the Secret Cup which was a 710 community event. It was a traveling road show which combined music, camping and dabbing. It was the only peer judged international cannabis championship where the competitors voted for the best hash maker known as the Grand Champion. The Secret Cup is no longer being held.

Here is everything you need to know about Taskrok, who hails from Salt Lake City. He likes to inhale vapor clouds, to rap about inhaling vapor clouds and to enable people to inhale vapor clouds. For that very reason, Taskrok created Highly Educated Ti Nails, a company that sells high quality titanium dabbing paraphernalia.

In 2011, Taskrok had collaborated with DJ Linus Stubbs, releasing an album called “The Movement.” It featured songs about dabbing and moving the time from 420 to 710 with names like “7:10” and “Boil That Oil.”
According to Taskrok, his story about the origins of 710 was first posted on Facebook in 2012. He and some friends were talking in TinyChat, an online chat platform, about finding a new time other than 420 to do dabs. It popped into Taskrok’s head that 710 spelled OIL upside-down and it took off from there. He is a humble man who did not try and take credit for coining the term. He insisted he didn’t want to own it and that it belonged to the cannabis community moving forward.

While 420 commemorates cannabis flower, 710 pays tribute to oils. The cannabis oil market is quickly becoming the largest growing segment of the cannabis industry. Its popularity far exceeds that of edibles.

Extracts vs Concentrates

FYI, I do strive to use accurate terminology in my articles. For that reason, I would like to explain the difference between extracts and concentrates, terms used interchangeably in the cannabis world. There is a significant difference and it has to do with how the trichomes are collected. Simply put:

1. Extracts use solvents to remove the trichomes
2. Concentrates use mechanical or physical methods to remove the trichomes without the use of solvents

How Extracts Are Produced

For those of you unfamiliar with how extracts are produced, here’s an extremely simple explanation of a very complicated process:
Cannabinoids, terpenes and an assortment of other beneficial compounds in cannabis are extracted from cannabis material through a number of different extraction processes. The end result is an assortment of sticky, waxy, crumbly, powdery substances that can be vaped or dabbed. They are extremely concentrated and potent with a very rapid onset time.

How Strong Are Dabs Compared To Flower?

Cannabis flower typically contains 15% to 25% THC and its psychotropic effects lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Dabs typically contain 70% to 90% THC. Their psychotropic effect kicks in very fast, is very intense and it reaches its peak anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. New dab users have been know to pass out or become “couch locked” when they first start using extracts, so take care! However, for medical cannabis patients who have a high tolerance for THC, dabbing is the perfect delivery method to provide immediate symptom relief.

Safety Precautions For New Extract Users

1. Only use extracts from a reliable source
2. Have someone you trust assist you
3. Always sit down before you use extracts
4. Start out with a very small amount and assess how you feel before using more‍

Four Examples of Ways To Consume Dabs

1. Dab Rig

  • Apply the extract to your dab tool
  • Heat the nail with a blowtorch
  • Apply the extract to the nail and inhale very slowly

2. Health Stone
A health stone fits into your bowl-piece and is made of porous rock. You put your extract directly on the stone, so there is no need for a nail or a dab tool. A blowtorch is required. Best for hash or crumble.

3. T-Waxing
You don’t need all the dab gear. Just mix your preferred extract with some dry flower. This may be the way to go with new users since you won’t achieve the same level of psychotropic effect you would with a dab rig or pen. Please be aware that extracts burn slower than flower, so you will need to inhale more often.
4. Electric Nail
Instead of a blow torch, this dabbing device uses an electric nail

How Is 710 Celebrated?

In past years, many dispensaries offered Happy Hour events with food and drink to celebrate the holiday. They also offered deals on extracts, concentrates and cartridges all day on 7/10. Sadly, due to the pandemic, these activities won’t happen this year.

Those at the forefront of the oil industry view it as the beneficiary of the legalization movement. Without the legalization of cannabis products in the US, this market could not exist. Because of the legal market, companies are able to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in professional equipment to produce and test safe, high-quality oils, extracts and concentrates.

Enjoy 710 sensibly, please refrain from sharing and let’s also celebrate how far we have come!

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