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The Many Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Leslie kahn

We will do anything to help our dogs when we realize they are suffering with either acute or chronic medical conditions. CBD hemp oil is gaining traction as a safe and effective treatment option for a plethora of different conditions. In this article I will discuss why CBD oil is particularly effective for dogs, present the many benefits of using CBD oil, dosing guidelines, how to choose reputable and effective products, give examples of reliable brands and products, and cite a research study. 

Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Every animal, except insects, has an endocannabinoid system which regulates all of our body systems with the goal of maintaining homeostasis or optimum health. Dogs metabolize cannabinoids at a much faster rate than do humans. As a result, CBD oil initially moves rapidly through their bodies while remaining in their systems for up to 17 hours. It works quickly while providing long-lasting therapeutic results without additional dosing.

Benefits of CBD Oil

1. Helps Prevent Arthritis
Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling in the joints which may help keep them healthy and free of arthritis
2. Reduces the Severity and Risk of Seizures
It may not only reduce the length of seizures but it may reduce the number of seizures in any given day
3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety
With its calming effects, CBD can help dogs with noise anxiety such as fireworks, thunder and lightning and city noises. It also helps reduce separation anxiety
4. Increases Appetite
This is especially beneficial for senior dogs who may be appetite suppressed due to gastric distress or who may have dental problems, making eating unpleasant
5. Relieves Cancer Symptoms
Anecdotal evidence indicates that CBD may fight tumor cell growth while increasing healthy cell growth. It helps to relieve cancer treatment symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting 
6. Controls Pain
CBD helps relieve pain due to injuries, post-surgical procedures, neuropathy, strains, sprains and ligament tears. 
As our dogs age, they experience painful and disabling conditions such as Intervertebral Disc Disease and hip dylspexia. Pain relief and an increase in mobility often go hand in hand
7. Improves Digestive Health
CBD helps to relieve vomiting and nausea, supports healthy bladder function and provides immune system support
8. Relieves Skin Problems
It helps control allergies by relieving hot spots and may even generate new healthy skin cells
9. Neuroprotective 
May help improve cognitive function
10. Improves Mood, Behavior and Sleep
We all know what a difference better sleep and mood make in our lives!

How to Choose a CBD Hemp Oil Product 
With no regulation of CBD products by the FDA, it is most definitely “Buyer Beware.” Here is a list of criteria for choosing a product:

1. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with CBG, CBN, CBA, CBC, terpenes and a small amount of THC to initiate the “Entourage Effect”
2. Organic hemp material from a reputable source
3. No toxins, herbicides, pesticides or additives
4. Contents reflect what the label claims. Some products contain less CBD/more CBD and even high levels of THC 
5. Super critical CO2 extraction method rather than using solvents like butane, alcohol or harmful chemicals
6. Comes with the Certificate of Analysis (COA) with testing by a 3rd party lab

Dosing Guidelines 
As with everything cannabis related, whether for humans or for our companion animals, the mantra is: 

Start Out Low and Slow

  • 1-6 mgs of CBD per every 10 lbs of body weight of your dog

Assess the effects and then gradually increase the dosage until achieving the desired outcome. Obviously our dogs can’t tell us in so many words what they are experiencing, so it is up to us to recognize improvements through their body language and behavior.

Especially for anxiety, CBD has a cumulative effect which increases its benefits with daily dosing or even dosing twice a day. 

Taken orally, it should work in 30-90 minutes. Squirting it into your dog’s mouth should produce effects in 5-20 minutes.

For Healthy Dogs (and Cats) 
Under 25 lbs.
A bottle containing 125 mgs of CBD; use 1 full dropper daily (1ml) or 4.2mg CBD

25-50 lbs.
A bottle containing 250 mgs of CBD; use 1 full dropper daily (1ml) or 8.3 mg CBD

Over 50 lbs.
A bottle containing 500 mgs of CBD; use 1 full dropper daily (1ml) or 16.7 mg

With Health Issues 
Under 25 lbs.
250 mgs; use 1 full dropper daily (1ml) or 8.3mg CBD

25-50 lbs.
500 mgs; use 1 full dropper daily (1ml) or 16.7mg CBD

Over 50 lbs.
500 mgs; use 2 full droppers daily (1ml) or 33.4 mg

Reputable CBD Brands and Products

  • Four Leaf Rover
  • VetCS
  • Fur Babies Hemp Oil
  • Cannagaea
  • Heka Hemp Co.
  • Golden Paws
  • Lazarus Naturals
  • Super Snouts
  • Hempworx
  • Nature’s Ultra

Please note that any CBD oil hemp product with a lower concentration of CBD, free of toxins, dyes, herbicides, pesticides and additives may be used for our furry companions.

Disclaimer: Bloom Medicinals in no way endorses any brands or products. We encourage people to do their own research regarding which products are best for their pets. This list was compiled by your author.

Research Study
Research on the effects of CBD oil on dogs is just starting to emerge. There is copious supportive anecdotal evidence but few well-executed research studies to date.
One such study is being conducted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) Health Foundation to fund epilepsy research. The study specifically targets canine idiopathic epilepsy; recurrent seizures with no identifiable cause. The more than $2 million study will fund clinical trials using CBD oil.

Dogs enrolled in the double-blind study will receive either a placebo or CBD oil for 12 weeks. After a rest period of 4 weeks, the same dogs will receive the opposite drug for another 12 weeks. 

The researchers are investigating any possible side effects. A medical examination, including blood work, will be performed every 4 weeks on each dog. The owners will be tasked with filling out a weekly questionnaire.

The goal of this study is to provide bona fide research data to further understand the effects of CBD on dogs with drug-resistant epilepsy. In addition, researchers want to better understand safe dosing, potential side effects and if CBD can be used to treat dogs that are resistant to other anti-epileptic drugs.

The more research data that becomes available, the safer the CBD hemp oil industry will be for our furry companions.

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